A local guide to Palma city

Local guide to Mallorca

Looking to visit Palma de Mallorca like a true local? The Mediterranean Sea’s charm washes over and surrounds the spectacular island of Mallorca, the largest of the Balearics, in Spain. It is rightfully popular for its pristine and secret beaches or coves, yet there’s much more to it. Palma, the capital city, constitutes the perfect blend of deep-rooted local culture and customs, rich history, a bustling lifestyle and just the right amount of international influence.

Discovering its most authentic beauty, the blend of cultures and the special Mallorquín history is nothing short of a truly enriching and life-changing experience. I cannot stress the latter enough; there are countless globetrotters who’ve decided to fully go local and settle in Palma after falling for its charm. No wonder.


Why is Palma de Mallorca so special?

Imagine yourself on an island, right in the Mediterranean. Now picture yourself wandering the capital city and its quaint, picturesque streets, bustling with life (and palm trees!). Or, if you’re more into nature and adventure, heading off to its stunning mountainous sights and nearby charming towns, like Valldemossa or Sóller, this last one accessible by vintage train from Palma. Certainly, Palma de Mallorca is an ideal mix of city, sea, and nature.

Go local and meet residents and travellers alike at countless trendy bars or vermouth houses, filled with tasty tapas, a good old drink, and a handful of new, happy memories. Meet one of the world’s most impressive Gothic Cathedrals, hit the beach, or try for the first an ensaïmada with rich, hot chocolate at a café founded in the 1700s – to-die-for. Add to that some stunning seaside views throughout the entire trip.


First things first

Although there are innumerable things to do and discover on the island (it might be small, but you’d be surprised!), we’ll only focus on Palma city today and the best things to see and do there from a local’s point of view. So, get your travel journal out, click on the guide and start jotting down the best plans for your next trip to Palma. Luckily, my first travel article on Travelista.club will also be the first time I get you to feel Palma’s extraordinary essence. If you’re ready, let me help you feel at home.


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