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As a freelance journalist and social media expert, I work in a wide range of projects, from writing lifestyle magazine features to conducting interviews with renowned chefs, creating video blogs or doing on-camera presenting for social media masterclasses. Possibilities are endless and I enjoy jumping into new, exciting works, whether it’s related to written journalism or broadcast.

To give you an insight into some of the projects I have carried out to this date as a freelance journalist, I have gathered a few examples down below, which I will keep adding to. Feel free to have a look, click away and comment if you like! If you like what you see or have any questions/suggestions, get in touch.

The Travel Bible

Travel Article

Travelista: Top things to see and do in Palma, Spain

Top things to see and do in Palma, Spain
Travel Article

Inturea, Digital Marketing: All articles and vlogs published

Inturea, Digital Marketing: latest video blogs

Mindspace Magazine

Mindspace Magazine, Zoila Checa
News & Features Writer
Art Director